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catalizing success

Passionate About Inspiring Others

My Specialization


Offer my skills to individuals who wish to develop their talents and skills and realize their full potential.

  • My main tool to guarantee success: the development of self-knowledge in communication, managing emotions, self-esteem and confidence.

  • My strength: an unwavering attention and support to serve the goals of my clients

My mission

I am passionate about leadership and I use that passion to develop leadership skills of my clients:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Leadership in high performance sport

  • Personal & Professional Leadership

  • Leadership in organizations

My strategy

  • Promoting the emergence and / or clarify the objectives

  • Accompany client (teams) in the implementation of all the means and resources to achieve

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Measuring progress

  • Celebrating Success

My Partners

Phoenix Coaching is dedicated to developing the potential of leaders and their team through coaching (individual and team), training (standard or custom), and conferences. Our mission: to help you become a leader who combines knowledge and attitudes for achieving performance and harmony.

Meet my Partners


Jean-Pierre Simon

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Transitional Manager for

CEO's and Sales VP's


Charles-Henry Caillies

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Médecin, coach et hypnothérapeutre

Frederic Catelain.jpg

Frédéric Catelain

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Consultant and Trainer

Public Speaking at FC Formation & Conseil


Christine-Pilar Estirac

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Trainer and Coach

at PACE Group

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