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Passionate About Inspiring Others
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Jean-Pierre Simon

Founder - COMPAS

With 25 years of experience in Project Management and General and Commercial Management internationally (North America, Asia, North Africa and Europe), I master the strategic and operational functions: management and management, development, growth and restructuring, animation of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, support for change in complex environments.

Specialist in sales performance, management of subsidiaries and distribution networks and management of strategic projects, I know how to mobilize stakeholders and unite teams around a common project. I make the most of an organization while structuring the sustainability of its action. In a changing context, I support innovation and value creation strategies.

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Josée Godbout

Executive Coach at Drive Leadership & Coaching

Josée specializes in executive coaching, coaching leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, teams, relationships, individuals. Public speaker, trainer, workshop leader and creator, giving workshop abroad.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Founder of Drive Leadership & Coaching, certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Coach Training Institute (CTI).

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Frédéric catelain

Public speaking consultant trainer at FC Formation & Conseil

- Speaking in public ...
… By being more comfortable.
- Respond to contradictions ...
… While maintaining the integrity of its message.
- Conduct a meeting ...
… By gaining in efficiency.
- Improve visual aids ...
… By reducing the form for the benefit of the substance.

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Christine-Pilar Estirac

Trainer, Coach, specialist trainer in ritual constellations & systemic representations at Groupe PACE

Christine-Pilar explores the way of living in harmony with the world around us. She creates celebrations of the relationships between people and places. While teaching and lecturing and training and guiding, Christine-Pilar's earth-centred spirituality also inspires all aspects of her everyday life and work.
Her passion for life brings her into a world of connections, she has experience, and expertise, tools and techniques, and she is an improviser creating active dynamic relationship that lie between all that exists with people.
She is a “patterner”, a “pathfinder”, a walker working with groups of people to explore and express their own relationships with the world. She helps them in a process and rituals and celebrations to make them discover something in themselves and a way of harmony with the world. She is helping you pick a path through the trials of life to find. Her career and spirituality are all tied together, being a celebration of file in a living world.

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