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Coaching Services

Types of Coaching

Executive Coaching


The loneliness of the leader is a reality. His role is to take decisions in a constantly changing and growing world, adapt constantly to the internal and external changes. In order to perform, he must master the art of human relations, as his success necessarily requires understanding and dynamism of his team.


Coaching offers the opportunity to identify the necessary competences and help the customer to discover and develop all the resources that will empower him to take action.


Several environments where coaching might be a great solution:

• Develop Personal Power

• Understanding mental schemes

• Make change a success when merging

• Develop systemic thinking

• Increase meaning

• Help for decision making

• Adjust authority

• Clarify roles and missions

• Mastering Intercultural Management

• Increase emotional intelligence


Some of the numerous benefits:

• Clearer Vision

• Refinement of the Mission

• Set up and Embody values

• Balance left and right brain hemispheres bringing

o intuition and analytical mind power

o emotional and rational

o personal and business life

• Harmonize know how and know how to be to inspire thanks to undisputable leadership.

Coaching Managers


In our constantly changing world, build on what works for sublimate it and develop our strengths rather than only countering weaknesses, this is the coaching approach we have chosen.

Coaching program consists of:

• New skills development

• Analyzing of mental schemes

• Strong values ​​audit to inspire and motivate teams

• Leadership competencies development in order to fully embody leadership role

This leads tip increased sustainable performance thanks to a more positive and lucid approach.


Area of ​​specialization:

• Transition coaching: accelerate executive on boarding

• Leadership coaching: manage emotions, conflicts, master communication skills, develop charisma

Team Coaching


Team Coaching Team Coaching is coaching a group of individuals of the same

company who must reach a common goal in an ever changing environment.

It involves building a shared vision from individual visions, learn to think, act, and interact systemically.


The keywords of the team coaching:

• Respect

• Trust

• Co-creation

• Synergy

• Alliance of know-how and soft skills

• Collective intelligence


Tangible Results: cohesion + efficiency

Mental Preparation (rugby, chess)


Coaching for Athletes

As per Wayne Smith (coach and ex-player of the All Blacks):


"Developing the individual and not just the player. If they can solve the problems of life, they will solve them on the ground, under pressure."

(The Rugby spirit, For another leadership)


What does it consist of?


Mainly performance optimization and elimination of psychological barriers. The world-class athletes get the services of a coach (as do all the CEOs or executives of large companies), not because they lack talent or because they need to solve a problem but because they want to become even better. What they wish is to refine their skills to reach the highest level.


The tools come mainly from the following fields:

• Neuro Linguistic Programming

• Ericksonian Hypnosis

• Neuro-Semantic

• Cardiac Coherence

• Yoga

• Sophrology


Approach and benefits:

• Setting of specific goals

• Visualization

• Develop concentration skills

• Relaxation

• Energy and emotions mastery

• Mental visualization (preparation of specific routines and strategies)

• Leadership development: self-image, self-confidence, self-esteem

• Excellence of interpersonal skills in team sport

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