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customer feedback

Customer Feedback

BP-President, Lyon - November 2019

Effective executive coaching with measurable and lasting results!

We called on Sylvianne Retuerta to challenge our management team and optimize our mode of operation.

Thanks to the quality of his listening and his support tools, the direct benefits were numerous: the clarification of the areas of intervention of each, the return of a real harmony within the pair, a step back on our strategy, the implementation of effective work rituals, better animation of our management committees. And above all, these benefits have been lasting since 5 years later, they are still very present!

Thanks again !


Laurent, CEO, Lyon - September 2019

“As a business manager, I have used Sylviane's services for many years. She intervenes in my company in different ways: by coaching me directly to work on my managerial postures, to go beyond my limits, to help me get to know myself better. She also coaches my teams, whether in France or in Canada, such as executives or management committees to enable them to be more effective together, or even two collaborators to help them untangle the knots and misunderstandings that are detrimental to the daily to their collaboration. Sylviane is a coach like there are few on the market because she combines both a very good knowledge of the business world to have held positions of responsibility and many personal development tools that she uses wisely. to allow us to reveal the best of ourselves. His concern for results, his commitment to success at our side, his listening skills, his kindness, his professionalism, his empathy are the guarantors of a quality service with high added value for the company and its employees. "



Training on Excellence in Leadership Conducted by Joel Guiilon d'Axion

“Sylviane has the art of operating like a laser and creatively reconnects from heart to heart in the moment of the relationship. To do this, it relies on a constantly updated library of approaches and tools ”



Gunther Lepoutre, Entrepreneur

Founder Forge & Design

Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

“Thank you for this intelligent approach to emotions. This training was fascinating and sufficiently consistent to change behavior 😉 ”



Nicolas Tertrais

Head of Consulting Firm HODAS RH - Sustainable and Positive Recruitment,

Career Management and Training

Lyon Area, France

“There are encounters that shape you, that mark you and that help you move forward ... Sylviane is one of those rare and precious people who we warmly recommend. A very big thank you Sylviane !! "


Sebastien fernandes

Managing Director at Fernandes SA

Saint-Étienne Area, France

“Sylviane Retuerta is a pearl, thank you for your sharing. It's because of people like her that the world gets better. I recommend her without hesitation, she will help you as she helped me. "



Sylviane Crine

Administrative Assistant at Mazars

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Sylviane Retuerta is more than a coach for me, she is a mentor! She knows how to aim right in her accompaniments and, each time, helps me to realign myself in relation to my life mission and my professional projects. Big thank you Sylviane for your listening, your presence and your professionalism, you are a precious ally for me! "



Guy Gigère

Ideator, Human Capital

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“The professional keywords for Sylviane: COACHING, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, INTERNATIONAL. The personal keywords for Sylviane: PRESENCE, LISTENING, EMPATHY, HUMANITY. Friend and colleague for several years, she is a rather remarkable complementarity while being an excellent "Team Buddy". Intense, rigorous and determined, competition has no place in achieving goals. She has this firm, gentle way of not letting the client flee; his presence in the other brings him back to his raison d'être, his understanding of economic issues brings him back to his corporate mission ... Here is a winning formula of great impact. "



Adrien uguet

Urban therapist

Fillinges, Rhône-Alpes, France

“Sylviane changed my professional life following training on the Humanist Manager. Her exceptional sensitivity allowed me to gain confidence and she helped me open my eyes to the management that I wanted, but for which I had put psychological brakes. Thank you so much! "



Johanne morel

Founder and consultant at Avense Conseil - Marketing strategy & efficient organization

Méry, Rhône-Alpes, France

"A feedback to share to invite you to get to know Sylviane: the moments spent with her will have been for me the origin of a fundamental shift. From the first exercises, an important awareness occurred for me on my mode of functioning. Sylviane was able to accompany me personally, while continuing to animate a group, with perfectly appropriate phrases and gestures. At stake: - a better understanding of myself, my interactions with those around me, my life course, - then new feelings, new perceptions, the undertaking of personal and professional changes, a different and exciting vision of the future, general and progressive well-being, ... thanks to in-depth work carried out "in complete safety" ;-)! Thank you Sylviane! "




Bernard Sunday, February 8, 2015 7:17 AM

“Life is a path where we are blind. Only emotions make us move forward .... Thank you Sylviane, for having been my guide during this training, thank you for shedding light on my quest for happiness. "



Arnaud Wednesday December 17, 2014 4:17 PM Pro Bono Coaching : “The purity, simplicity, efficiency and benevolence, this is what I retain from the support I experienced with Sylviane. And this, 10,000 km away by computer interposed. "

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